On this page, I will be sharing my experiences regarding the activism work I have done since September 2022. This series of works are focusing on the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution, as well as the current social and political events in my home country, Iran.

The events are organized chronologically. You may have access to them through the table of content below. For more details, you may click on more info.

Stop executions in Iran

Date: 1/22/2023

Location: Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Description: Sound installation and participatory performance

Note: In this performance, a few volunteers wore blindfolds to represent the execution victims in Iran. The rest of the audience members and protestors joined the performance by holding signs including "I am their parent/sibling/friend", as well as "stop the executions in Iran". The protestors also held up photos of the recent victims in Iran. The idea behind this installation and performance was coming from the chant "Har ye nafar koshte she, Hezar nafar poshteshe" in Iran, which translates to: if you kill one of us, there will be a thousand of us whom you have to face.

Justice for flight PS752

Date: 1/8/2023

Location: Art Museum, Philadelphia

Description: Participatory performance

Note: Creating noise through percussive instruments alongside chanting on Rocky Steps.

Bloody November

Date: 11/19/2022

Description: Sound installation, participatory performance

Note: Materials we used were including, bloody shirts, FM radios, FM transmitter, small egg shakers, and a laptop with MAX/MSP installed on it. For this event, the protestors wore bloody shirts and marched and chanted from Franklin Square to the Liberty Bell area. Before their arrival, I had placed the FM radios (25 radios) on the ground in different locations and made a semi-circle. The performance was a combination of sound installation and acting in place.

Human chain

Date: 10/29/2022

Description: participatory and presentational

Note: for this event, we created a human chain on the streets to increase the visibility. At the end, my friends in (Hodge-Podge) band and I performed music for the audience.